Element3 Supports World Haemophilia Day, 17th April

Element3 Supports World Haemophilia Day, 17th April

World Haemophilia Day is an international awareness day for haemophilia and other related bleeding disorders. World Haemophilia Day is held annually on April 17, the same date as the birthday of Frank Schnabel, the founder of the World Federation of Haemophilia. 

Since 1989, World Haemophilia Day is the day the whole bleeding disorders community comes together to celebrate the continuous advances in treatment while raising awareness and bringing understanding and attention to the issues related to proper care to the wider public.

This Year’s Theme – Adapting to Change, Sustaining Care in a New World

World Haemophilia Day is about bringing the global bleeding disorders community together. With the COVID-19 pandemic having a major impact on people with bleeding disorders, that objective has never been more important. The world has changed greatly over the last year, but one thing hasn’t changed is the solidarity of the global haemophilia community.

At Element3, our goal is to enable organisations to effectively adapt to change, by working in partnership to innovate and develop solutions which empower users to do their job better. We’re proud to be contributing in our own way to support the Haemophilia community, through our ongoing digital transformation programme with the Katharine Dormandy Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre, at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

Learn More About World Haemophilia Day

World Haemophilia Day is sponsored by the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH), who provide a wealth of support for the global haemophilia community, including a range of multi-channel events, news and information, treatment guidelines and learning resources for bleeding disorder sufferers to better understand and manage their condition.

To learn more about WFH and support World Haemophilia Day, we recommend checking out the WFH website

If you’d like to learn more about Haemophilia, including its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, those in the UK can also visit the NHS Haemophilia Overview page, which offers a wealth of useful information

Element3 – Proudly Working With the NHS to Improve Haemophilia Outcomes

Health economics is concerned with improvements related to efficiency, effectiveness, value and behaviour in the provision and outcomes of healthcare. Our digital transformation and innovation programme with the Royal Free Hospital offers healthcare providers an opportunity to improve performance through operational efficiencies, re-gaining valuable time and providing more resources to focus on improving the quality of care. 

Together with key stakeholders and project sponsors both in and outside of the NHS, Element3 are working in collaboration to develop the Haemophilia Outcome Management System (HOMS) – a browser-based application designed to replace legacy, manual data entry processes for both patients and NHS staff within the Royal Free Hospital Haematology department.

Our aligned goal is to streamline and improve the efficiency of the department’s treatment management process, simplify the submission of patient assessment forms data, improve access to important patient related data for staff at the point of care, and ensure compliance through a secure, audited digital system. Learn more about our work with the NHS here.