Element3FileHound FileHound Digital Transformation Platform – New Public API Development Update

FileHound Digital Transformation Platform – New Public API Development Update

Lead Developer Carl Barker is excited to share with you the latest software engineering update from Element3

Over the last few months we have been ‘in deep’ designing and engineering our very first public API for our FileHound Digital Transformation Platform.

Our clients see FileHound as more than just a system for saving important documents and data. They see it as a cloud-based platform for digitally transforming their business and empowering their staff to digitise manual processes and paper-based tasks. The engineering team at Element 3 are passionate about making FileHound a simple yet powerful tool for businesses, capable enough to fit a number of use cases across an array of industries.

Key to this has been extending the FileHound platform interoperability with third party products and systems, whether they be well known enterprise-level apps such as Sage or Microsoft Dynamics, right down to the smallest, most bespoke proprietary databases. Our aspirations is to enable secure integration into your line of business applications and processes.

Our FileHound public API will enable businesses to download documents, upload to inboxes or folders, input, read or update document indexing and metadata and more. What’s more, users with workflow enabled will be able to use events in third party line of business applications to trigger workflow actions!

The FileHound API is a RESTfull API, which will be publicly available. This API will be our first step into utilising more modern languages and frameworks, which going forward will become core to the product’s technology stack, both back-end and front end.

The API is built using OAuth and JWT tokens for claims-based authentication to ensure the highest security for our client’s integrations.

Our approach with the future development of FileHound is to transition towards a micro-services architecture to take advantage of the latest technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, as well as embedding modern DevOps methodologies, including Continuous Integration pipelines.

If you’d like to learn more about our software engineering capabilities or our FileHound Digital Transformation Platform and its integrations, get in touch with our expert technology consultants.

About Carl – Lead Software Developer

Carl is a talented senior developer, working within the software engineering team to further the development of our solutions, including our FileHound Digital Transformation platform.

As an accredited programmer with over ten years’ experience writing code, he enjoys being able to solve problems in a creative way, particularly when the solution betters our customers’ day-to-day business experience.

Carl knows the industry is always changing, with new technology and techniques being introduced all the time, and relishes any opportunity to learn about and work with modern technologies, in order to enhance current and future projects.