Element3Education Element3 Product Team Partners with EdTech Specialist Aspire2Be

Element3 Product Team Partners with EdTech Specialist Aspire2Be

The Element3 team are proud to be working in collaboration with Aspire2Be on some exciting new developments for the UK EdTech sector. The team that has been created for this development is passionate about education, technology and ensuring that both staff and pupils experience the benefits of a clearly defined EdTech strategy.

Our collaboration aims to create an online EdTech Review Platform, powered by our FileHound (www.filehound.co.uk) eco system developed by Element3, to provide school leaders and decision makers with the tools and guidance to effectively:

  1. Evaluate your school’s technology landscape ‘as is’ situation
  2. Define your EdTech vision and aspirations
  3. Create a clear action plan with regards to your EdTech priorities

EdTech experts Aspire2Be know that having a technology strategy and plan tailored to your school is an essential prerequisite for making well informed investments in technology.

The Element3 product team are confident that Aspire2Be’s established on-site EdTech Review methodology can be translated to a more accessible online platform, allowing our experience and expertise to be shared with a wider audience.

The Element3 product team are really excited to be working in collaboration with Aspire2B and partners to develop this innovative new solution for education leaders. We’re keen to leverage our experience developing digital transformation portals for organisations across multiple sectors, both private and public – including Poplar HARCA Housing Association and the NHS, to name a few.

We are privileged to be given the opportunity to collaborate with innovative companies such as Aspire2B and Innovate My School/EdTech Impact, both of which have a clear passion for delivering effective change in education, along with a deep knowledge and understanding of what works well when developing an effective EdTech Strategy.

The FileHound product team are looking forward to learning together, being motivated by the creativity this team brings and the opportunity to build an awesome solution that can make a real difference in education – already the energy being brought to this exciting project by the people involved is fantastic!”

Simon Thomas – Element 3 Head of Innovation

Why Us?

Education is an area that we care deeply about. Our team bring their professional experience to this project, having worked with and in schools, both directly and consultatively. We understand the challenges that schools face with regards to utilising technology effectively and are super excited to have this opportunity to create an innovative solution which we’re sure will empower school leaders to develop an insight-driven technology strategy to benefit teachers and learners.

Working closely with partners such as AWS, we explore cutting edge technologies such as Natural Language Processing, AI/ML and modern, scalable DevOps methodologies to deliver the most innovative, valuable and reliable products we can. Our data driven approach aims to collect relevant data (be it quantitative or verbose) in an engaging, simple way for end users and make that data accessible and useful to decision makers.

Our development approach is agile, vendor agnostic and collaborative. Starting with a deep understanding of goals and requirements, we conceptualise, prototype fast, fail forward and iterate until we discover the best possible solution. The culture of our team is based on open, honest feedback. We leave our ego at the door, focusing obsessively on the end user experience and most of all – have fun! Working in partnership with Aspire2B we’re delighted for the opportunity to bring our passion and experience to this project.